3 Benefits of a Multifunction Printer for Your Hybrid Workplace

Singapore | 27 March 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic has marked a turning point in how we work, with workplaces worldwide heralding the hybrid working model.

Against this backdrop, business owners may find themselves reevaluating how to upgrade their print fleets to better support this new work arrangement. Among the options available, getting a multifunction printer, a machine integrating the functions of a printer, copier, scanner and fax, is often a popular choice among organisations. As a prudent business owner, you may wonder what value a multifunction printer offers over other print deployments that makes it a better investment for your company. Let’s explore the three ways in which a multifunction printer can add value to the hybrid workplace.

1. Print over the Cloud

Under a hybrid work arrangement, employees may not always work in the office. As such, having a printer that facilitates print management from any location is imperative for a seamless working environment. This is where a multifunction printer offers an added advantage over other options. With a multifunction printer, you can conveniently print, copy or scan documents on one machine and have the option to do so over cloud systems and mobile devices. Complementing this is how these printers also automate the document collation, binding and hole-punching process. This eliminates the need for you to be physically present at the office to operate different equipment and run print operations, enabling you to perform your printing tasks smoothly off-site and maximising productivity.

2. Enhanced Printer Security and Document Management

With the significant amount of sensitive information printers are privy to, they are often the top targets of cybercriminals. In fact, a cybersecurity team from CyberNews achieved a hacking success rate as high as 56% when they attempted to hijack 27,944 printers worldwide. These breaches often result in significant financial losses to businesses averaging £632,000, as found in Quocirca’s Print Security Landscape 2022. However, these risks can be minimised by investing in a multifunction printer, often built with top-class security features to provide robust protection against cybercriminals.

As a cloud-enabled device with diverse functionalities, multifunction printers also eliminate the need for employees to use their less secure home printers to meet off-site printing needs. This further reduces the potential external security risks arising from unsecured equipment. At the same time, it facilitates easy tracking and management of document access, effectively countering risks of unauthorised access to confidential information by individuals within the organisation. 

3. Ease of Use

In a hybrid workplace where employees come to the office on different days, it can be harder for individuals to clarify questions about office equipment with the IT personnel. This is where a multifunction printer can be helpful. With all powerful capabilities fitted into one machine, employees only need to learn how to navigate one interface. This significantly reduces the learning curve, enabling them to use the printer to their benefit rapidly. It also allows them to spend more time on the vital aspects of their work that adds value to the company rather than mastering different equipment.

Take Hybrid Workplace Workflows Up a Notch with Konica Minolta

With the considerable benefits a multifunction printer offers, it is a great tool to help businesses unlock unrivalled productivity in the hybrid workplace. At Konica Minolta, we endeavour to help companies to increase operational efficiency by providing cutting-edge print solutions that enable them to reimagine the workplace. That is why we offer an extensive line of high-performance, user-friendly colour and mono multifunction printers designed with powerful printing technology and a rich portfolio of applications. With these printers in your workplace, you can always be assured to receive consistently high-quality and high-resolution prints produced at astounding speeds.

Understanding the importance of security in the digital era, we pride ourselves in building multifunction printers with comprehensive security features, including the best-in-class Bitdefender anti-virus engine. These are further augmented by our Dispatcher Paragon Cloud Software-as-a-Service, which offers data encryption and user authentication alongside features that help you manage and optimise printing costs.  By safeguarding your information from risk factors on several fronts, we ensure all grounds are covered, leaving you with greater peace of mind when accessing your office printers on the fly. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how you can leverage our multifunction printers to create synergy for your workplace.