Shield Guard

by konica minolta

A comprehensive, remote MFP Security Monitoring Solution – 100% Cloud Based!

Intelligent Security Monitoring

Shield Guard is an advanced cloud platform for remote, secure monitoring of your MFP fleet. With Shield Guard’s intuitive yet powerful features, admins can configure and monitor security policies remotely, via the cloud. Admins can quickly assess their overall MFP security via a centralized graphical Dashboard, ensuring that any security threats are immediately detected while saving both time and effort. The zero-footprint MFP Shield Guard Agent allows for continuous monitoring, eliminating the need for constant pinging or scheduling of assessments. Shield Guard features easy-to-use tools for policy and device management, timely security alerts, powerful password management features, and more, providing immediate peace of mind knowing your devices are protected.

Visibility to the Entire Fleet

The Shield Guard Portal enables admins to easily monitor all of their MFPs remotely, from a single location. Once you install the free Shield Guard Agent on your devices, they become available for import into the Shield Guard Portal. Once imported, you can organize devices into groups for better management. The portal’s graphical Dashboard page displays an at-a-glance overview of your fleet security, as well as lists of alerts, incidents, and devices requiring attention. The Logs page lists all security logs generated for devices, policies, and users. The Reports page includes a series of pre-configured reports detailing your device's security status. Shield Guard puts eyes on your entire fleet!

Automatic Notifications

Admins can create their own security policies to monitor their MFPs, select a pre-configured policy, set policies for individual devices and/or specified device groups, and more! Once the Shield Guard Agent assesses the MFP’s compliance to the assigned policy and communicates the assessment back to the Shield Guard Portal, alerts can be sent to designated admins identifying any MFPs not in compliance with the policy. The portal’s Dashboard, Logs, and Reports pages provide access to the security data collected by Shield Guard. Shield Guard enables admins to quickly identify security breaches and take the necessary steps to remediate the issues and restore their devices to compliance.

Shield Guard Portal

Remotely monitor and manage your MFP fleet! The Shield Guard Portal enables admins to configure device admin passwords and monitor all of their MFPs through the cloud. Shield Guard provides admins with all the tools they need to manage device security remotely, including:
  • Dashboard with status
  • Online help system
  • Security status alerts
  • Log management
  • Device management
  • User management
  • Password management
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Free Trial from the portal

bizhub SECURE Policy Settings

Shield Guard delivers powerful security protection by providing admins with remote access to the same trusted security settings used by bizhub SECURE, Konica Minolta’s industry-leading document protection system. Shield Guard includes two pre-configured security polices, set to recommended bizhub standards. In addition, Shield Guard provides full customization tools, enabling you to customize the pre-configured policies to meet your needs or build your own policies from scratch.

Shield Guard provides access to the same security settings monitored by these bizhub services:
  • bizhub SECURE
  • bizhub SECURE Platinum
  • bizhub SECURE Ultimate

Advanced Control

Easily manage your Shield Guard licenses and the devices they are installed on. Add new users, security policies, devices, and much more – all from one convenient, centralized location. Shield Guard’s Dashboard page provides the insight you need to assess the data collected by Shield Guard and monitor the security status of the devices in your fleet.

  • View fleet status with simple graphics and visual indicators
  • Be prepared with real time alerts and incident reports
  • Track security statuses easily with color-coded alerts
  • Stay informed with recent notifications at your fingertips
  • Prioritize your responses to security breaches with the Escalated Devices table
  • Take control of your data with constant feedback and security updates
  • Make data-driven decisions with valuable information at a glance

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