Document Process Outsourcing

by konica minolta


Document Process Outsourcing (DPO) is a strategy which re-directs non-core (document-centric) business activities to a third-party service provider (KM in this instance), without having to worry about the domain expertise. When data and hardcopy documents are filed, they are exposed to risks of being damaged and are time-consuming when it needs to be retrieved and managed. Once solely confined to the digitising of records and exponential volumes of data, document process outsourcing now encompasses a wider range of services that streamlines capturing and retrieving documents and increases efficiency and security of vital information. The document outsourcing system itself may include various process involvement that reduces the hassle for clients and employees dealing with non-core operations. For example, the digitisation process that is conducted at the Konica Minolta digitisation facility is Evidence Act (EA) certified. This means that the data export made available at the end of the document control process can be used as evidence in court.

Other benefits of the Konica Minolta document process outsourcing solution include:

  • Reduce physical inventory/ storage and time spent searching through them for specific documents
  • Workflow automation with electronic information
  • Central data repository for efficient distribution
  • Increased efficiency with outsourcing, internal resources focused on revenue-generating functions

Document Control Process Management for an Efficient Business

Document outsourcing has its benefits as it comprises of document control processes that keep documents in order from the moment they are received, registered, and prepared for digitisation. When working on projects that are corroborated by this proper documentation process, employees can be certain that the document retrieved is correct, ensuring quality assurance with regards to other processes that follow. Whether it be a government body or healthcare sector such as dental care, for a seamless and time-efficient workflow, a proper project documentation process must be followed. With Konica Minolta document process outsourcing solution, proper categorisation, indexing, storing, and retrieval of important information is made possible, thus removing hurdles that may hinder smooth transitions from one project to another. Once a document is integrated into the system, these documents will be made readily available in a server where revisions, replacements, reviews can be made easily.

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Case study

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