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Blind Spots Cause Data Breaches

Data is a company's most valuable asset in today's knowledge-based economy. 

Blind Spots Cause Data Breaches


Data is a company's most valuable asset in today's
knowledge-based economy. Confidential information, intellectual
property, personal records and business insights are examples of
data that are integral to a company's operations, with billions
spent worldwide to buttress their security.

Yet, the safety and security of any organisation's data is only as
strong as its weakest link. Hackers and saboteurs constantly pry
for the smallest of vulnerabilities that go unnoticed by business
and IT decision makers—and exploit them. Often neglected are
data that reside in the hard drives of Multi-Function Printers
(MFPs), used frequently in offices to print, scan, copy and email
sensitive documents.

Data Breaches Are Costly


Unsecured, an MFP could become compromised and end up
leaking confidential data, which may ultimately erode customer
trust, damage an organisation's reputation, and lead to the loss
of revenue and the loss of new business opportunities.

Next-Level Data Security for MFPs


Konica Minolta's bizhub SECURE Platinum is a suite of
professional services designed to ensure not only data
protection for MFPs, but advanced network security for MFPs.



Auto-Delete Data

Step 1 1

Delete Data Forever

Step 2 2

Encryption Makes Data Theft Harder

Step 3 3

Guard Your Data Assets

Step 4 4

Limit Access

Step 5 5



Automate Log-Offs

Step 1 1

Exercise Full Control

Step 2 2

Keep a Log

Step 3 3

Secure External Gateways

Step 4 4

Core Features at a Glance

Change the Administrator Password.

Encrypt the entire contents of the bizhub hard disk.

Eliminate any trace of data even after it's been deleted with Temporary Data Overwrite.

Time your bizhub multifunctional device to auto-delete any material located in electronic folders.

Create a 20-digit secure alphanumeric password to lock down your bizhub hard disk.

Disable non-secure and unwanted services, protocols and ports at your bizhub.

Enable SSL on the bizhub (self-signed certificate).

Enable Network User Authentication and User/ Administrator Account Auto Log Off.

Why Choose Konica Minolta?


Many security solutions out there tend to come in standardised
formats that may over- or under-deliver. Finite resources dictate
that companies maximise what they get in return for their IT
security investments.


Konica Minolta's bizhub SECURE Platinum empowers customers
with the ability to configure MFP solutions to fit any data-security
need—no matter the size of their office or scope of operations.



Partner with Konica Minolta


With over 140 years of imaging expertise, Konica Minolta is
transforming the workplace of the future with its
customer-centric solutions and hardware for the digitally
connected world.

Speak to Us Today

Q: How do I know that bizhub SECURE Platinum has been enabled?

A: Once enabled, a bizhub SECURE Platinum sticker will be placed on the front of the bizhub-enabled MFP and a certificate will be issued.

Q: If I only need some of the bizhub SECURE features and not all of them, is it possible to select only some of them, and how?

A: Your Konica Minolta Representative will go through the certification checklist to make sure that all customer requirements are strictly implemented.

Q: Once bizhub SECURE Platinum has been enabled, how do I know that it won't be turned off?

A: The settings are protected by a secure Administrator password and only an Administrator can disable them.

A: If the HDD needs to be replaced or be completely overwritten, the Engineer can be directed to re-enable the bizhub SECURE Platinum settings.

Q: The MFP comes with built-in security features, so why do I need bizhub SECURE Platinum?

A: Konica Minolta MFP comes with many enhanced security functions, which customers can activate themselves if they have the capacity.

A: The bizhub SECURE Platinum services are for customers that require enablement services because they don't have the resources or the bandwidth to enable the functions themselves.

Q: What types of clients would be interested in bizhub SECURE Platinum?

A: Anyone who is concerned about hard drive and network security in their MFPs.

A: Education, Finance, Retail, Government and Legal; just to name a few.

Data Security: The Next Level

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