4 Ways The Digital Technology of AccurioShine 3600 Can Benefit Your Business

Singapore | 10 January 2023

Providing inline finishing capabilities lets you increase your profit margins on print jobs.

Providing inline finishing capabilities lets you increase your profit margins on print jobs, whilst at the same time shortening your own production times, reducing labour costs, improving quality control, cutting back on waste and saving energy.


Growing your Business with Digital Technology

Print embellishments on products – made possible by digital print – are included to make products stand out and create an unforgettable sensory experience for a potential customer. Enhanced products were identified 45% more quickly, according to a 2016 study conducted by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association. Businesses therefore should place an emphasis on commercial printing and find only the best solutions to attract target customers.

Konica Minolta partners with businesses to help achieve quality, precise, productive and versatile printing. Especially for enterprises that require label printing, packaging and embellishments, purchasing a powerful industrial printer or production printer allows you to create beautiful prints, save costs and cut production time in the long run.

In this blog, we introduce Konica Minolta’s newest printer, AccurioShine 3600, which comes equipped with revolutionary inkjet engine technology. Find out how this printer creates impressive 2D and 3D digital embellishment effects, does away with complicated procedures of conventional systems and is also eco-friendly.

Offer customers high-impact finishing effects

This means colour is added to paper with microscopic ink droplets, allowing for precise, high-definition resolution printing. You can add 2D and 3D gloss effects – creating raised text and textured images – to produce a range of different printing products that are sure to dazzle and impress. With the award-winning JETvarnish technology, you can digitally achieve spot UV coating and embossed hot foiling. This means there is no need for dies, screens or tooling.

Whether you’re printing samples, brochures, employee booklets or instruction manuals, the AccurioShine 3600 will allow you to create gloss effects in a cost-effective way. What’s more? This printer prints not just on paper but on plastics, synthetics and cartons with a thickness range of 135 to 450 gsm.

Powerful software suite simplifies printing process

The AccurioShine 3600 also comes with easy-to-navigate, intuitive software that allows you to manage your print jobs easily. It lets you keep track of what you have printed. With this workstation image editor, you can edit, enhance and print your documents and photos on the go. The job-cost calculator feature also analyses all your print jobs, offering solutions that help you save costs and cut down on paper and ink usage, keeping your business in line with its financial and sustainability goals.

Quick production speed saves time

If you’re printing several hundreds of pages, having a printer that is able to churn page after page of impeccably printed text and colours can help your organisation save time. In the 2D mode (or flat mode), the AccurioShine 3600 can print up to a staggering 2,077 A3 sheets per hour. In the 3D mode (or raised mode), this printer can print up to an equally impressive 1,260 A3 sheets per hour. Konica’s new single-pass printing technology allows you to achieve maximum quality and productivity. This means multiple printer heads move across the page once, as opposed to multi-pass printing, where a single head moves several times across the page. This significantly reduces the time taken to print.

Meet your business’ environmental goals

The AccurioShine 3600 does not just help you save costs and deliver impressive printing results, it also is environment friendly. Organisations need to take concrete steps to lower their carbon footprint to build a sustainable future and contribute toward a net-zero emissions goal. Printers that use less energy, cut down on ink usage and generate less heat when printing goes a long way in helping to minimise its negative effects on the environment. By switching from laser printers to heat-free inkjet printers, businesses generate much less carbon dioxide when printing. The AccurioShine 3600 consumes low power without sacrificing print quality. It is ozone-free and dries and cures on the fly with integrated LEDs.

Achieve unparalleled printing with Konica Minolta

As an industry leader in innovative print solutions, Konica Minolta aims to provide businesses with the tools they need to transform digitally. With our range of industrial printing solutions, you can start creating visually compelling print products with 3D finishes. Speak with a product specialist to learn more about how our printers can help your business stay competitive in this digital era.

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