According to Our Clients: The Best Office Printers & Beyond

Singapore | 31 August 2022

Every business is different, owing to their scale of operations and the type of services they provide. That’s why Konica Minolta specialises in a range of printers catering to the needs of businesses across the board. 

According To Our Clients: The Best Office Printers & Beyond 

Every business is different, owing to their scale of operations and the type of services they provide. That’s why Konica Minolta specialises in a range of printers catering to the needs of businesses across the board. Education institutions and law offices love the high volume monochrome printing capabilities of the bizhub 4700i, which also has a copier function. Industrial and commercialprinting companies would invest in the MGI JETVarnish, for the precise spot UV printing and the endless digital embossing possibilities it can provide for their customers.

Being able to address each unique need of our customers with our innovations allows us to continue building workplaces that are future-ready and prepared for new challenges, on a global scale in over 150 countries. This is what they have to say about our solutions.


Multifunctional, efficient printing solutions for the office

The bizhub i-series is known for its full suite of office printing solutions that are designed for powerful performance and space efficiency. The multifunctional bizhub C4050i/C3350i, for example, is designed for high-output, high-accuracy printing that can print up to 40 pages per minute. Mobile connectivity also empowers users who are working remotely to make full use of the office printer.

There’s also the multifunctional bizhub C3320i, which may be smaller in size but offers many great conveniences, such as a USB port for scanning and printing directly from the device and remote access options through the Konica Minolta Mobile Print app and Google Cloud Print support. The bizhub C3320i will also print on most sizes you will encounter in the office or at home, allowing you to easily execute high-quality prints on A6 – A4 and B6 – B5 paper, postcards, as well as envelopes.

What do customers say about the bizhub i-series?

Unsurprisingly, the versatile bizhub i-series is deemed by many business owners to be best for office-use scenarios. The mobile connectivity of our office printers have been vaunted by companies such as City Developments Limited. Their scanning, printing and copying capabilities have also been praised by the Singapore Exchange, or SGX. Of course, a highly intuitive user interface is critical for enabling users to discover these qualities in the first place. Thanks to their thoughtful UX design, together with their space and energy efficiency, the i-series printers received the Red Dot Design Award in 2020.


Professional, in-house digital printing reimagined

Production printers have to balance tight timelines while maintaining a strict standard of quality to meet customer demands. That is the reason why Konica Minolta’s AccurioPress range were designed for speed and efficiency, which are essential for digital production printing. Produce single-sided and double-sided prints up to 1300mm and 864mm respectively with the long-sheet banner mode in AccurioPrint C4065. Or scan documents lightning-fast with its built-in scanner that lets you scan up to 280ipm.

Whether printing skinny flyers that are 52 gsm or heavyweight card stock for business card production at 400 gsm, the AccurioPress C6085 produces quick results that are a joy to look at.

What do customers say about the AccurioPress series?

Baan Kohjai Design & Printing, a professional print shop in Thailand, uses the AccurioPress C6085’s high productivity and reliability to offer their customers the best possible level of service. Baan Kohjai is especially impressed by the AccurioPress C6085’s efficiency, a quality that is no doubt bolstered by the printer’s suite of finishing options as well as its user-friendliness.


A full suite of digital embellishment options

Digital embellishment refers to special printing services such as spot UV printing, which elevates your marketing collateral to a whole new level. MGI JETVarnish industrial printers, such as the MGI JETVARNISH 3D ONE, deliver custom 3D effects on paper without the need for plates, screens or embossing dyes. The JETVARNISH 3D One accomplishes this using digital embossing, which adds 3D raised effects with the help of five Inkjet Konica Minolta piezoelectric printheads. The addition of tactile and visual stimulation is associated with increased product recall.

Industrial printing businesses also favour the MGI JETVARNISH 3DS, which is able to generate an output of up to 2,077 A3 sheets per hour when printing in 2D. While engaging in 3D printing, the printer will average a respectable 1,468 A3 sheets per hour. The MGI JETVARNISH 3DS even has remote troubleshooting and support functions built-in, via its LCD operator panel.

What do customers say about the MGI JETVarnish series?

Industry insiders who love the digital finishing provided by the MGI JETVARNISH 3DS include professional commercial printers like Vivar Printing Sdn Bhd, which was founded in 1984. The commercial printing company serves both local and international customers by printing everything from calendars to textbooks. The MGI JETVARNISH 3DS has also given Austriya Printing, which was founded in 1998, the chance to be Sri Lanka’s first printer which provides digital embellishments options for their customers.


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