Elevate Print Runs with Digital Embellishments

Singapore | 6 June 2021

In recent years, manufacturers and print businesses have been actively dipping their toes and familiarising themselves with the vast capabilities of industrial printing.

Capturing Larger Markets with Texture Printing

In recent years, manufacturers and print businesses have been actively dipping their toes and familiarising themselves with the vast capabilities of industrial printing. A shift fueledby the increasing importance placed on consumer engagement and competition in offering distinctive print works for higher margins, taking advantage of innovative print technologies has since become a common method of pursuing new growth opportunities. This inadvertently led to an accelerated market demand for high-impact prints with tactile appeal. Beyond explosive visuals on product packaging that attract attention, offering variable content through multi-layered effects such as braille printing allows printers to easily break into huge markets that they previously dared not to touch.

Experiencing the Magic of Digital Embellishment

Leveraging next-generation tools, print limitations such as prohibitive costs to access new print technologies and delivering personalised products have become a thing of the past. This aptly comes at a time where embellishment is deemed indispensable. A technique that undoubtedly adds value to prints by giving them an edge over 2D alternatives. The thick layers of varnish that create a 3D raised effect and tactile finish transforms unexceptional pieces into eye-catching prints that drive profit.

With tactile printing stipulated to be a game-changer in multiple industries, on-trend brands frequently commission rich and sophisticated surface decorations to enhance brand identity and printed communications. One exceptional way of experimenting with textured printing is apparent in braille, a key player in the global tactile printing market. In March of 2021, the Bank of England unveiled its new £50 note, which featured tactile markers – making the paper currency more accessible to the visually impaired. Given the possibilities of such advancements, it is only a matter of time till textured prints are up to par with conventional print campaigns.

Building a Case for the MGI JETvarnish Series

Designed with the mission to democratise digital embellishment, the MGI JETvarnish series by Konica Minolta rejuvenates the marketplace by making special effect printing accessible to all. Including industrial printers such as the JETVARNISH 3D One, JETVARNISH 3D Evolution, and JETVARNISH 3DS in its ever-expanding digital embellishment line of business, printers now have flexible print enhancement solutions at their disposal. Utilised by print trade finishers and book printers to businesses in the packaging printing industry, these industrial printers have enabled printers to remain relevant in the competitive print environment in various ways.

Acclimatisation to Changing Trends

As customers continue to demand premiumisation with a short turnaround time, book printers like Vivar Printing have turned to the MGI JETVARNISH 3DS with iFoil-S. Leveraging market differentiation capabilities with the printer’s Spot UV, Digital Embossing, and Hot Foil Stamping functions, the company was able to venture into the packaging printing industry as well. This industrial printing unit also comes with a software suite that supports intuitive operation, increasing efficiency and work productivity. Elevating print service portfolios with its ability to deliver innovative offerings, creating impactful printed materials on demand is a breeze.

Premiumisation for Competitiveness

Meeting expectations of innovation and cost that commercial printer Ngai Heng had in mind, the MGI JETVARNISH 3DS with iFoil-S offered an alternative conduit of procuring high-cost print jobs. Built to complete print jobs in demanding production applications, its fast outputs of speeds reaching up to 2,300 sheets per hour never falters productivity. Comprising three main modules – 3DS Hubmanager, Spot Varnish Editor, and Production Cost Analyser – it streamlines production for boosted efficiency.

Produce Outstanding Finishing with MGI JETvarnish 

Design new profit channels for your print business with the MGI JETvarnish series. Adding tactile appeal onto a wide range of substrates, this line of industrial printers delivers high-quality and highly personalised luxury prints that guarantee the return of investments. For more information about our array of industrial printersget in touch with our experts.