Improve Your Digital Workspace with KOMI Doc Cloud Platform

Singapore | 15 May 2023

Improve Your Digital Workspace with KOMI Doc Cloud Platform

Maintaining paper documents is costing businesses precious time and money. According to a PwC study, organisations lose approximately 750 paper documents every year. The amount of time an average employee spends on managing paper documents every week is 8 hours. The cost of finding a single lost document amounts to US$122. These shocking statistics go to show that businesses need to find viable solutions urgently. 

As the world becomes increasingly digital, sticking to pen-and-paper methods can signal the death knell of organisations. Businesses that adapt and evolve, embracing digital technologies, have an edge over their competitors. In this blog, we introduce one of Konica Minolta’s digital solutions: its document management system. We explain just how it can improve your digital workspace and help you stay competitive in a digital world.

Challenges businesses face with managing paper documents

There are a number of common problems that hinder an organisation’s growth. One key issue is how they manage their documents:

  • Lack of organisation: Without a proper system in place, documents can become disorganised and difficult to find, leading to wasted time and decreased productivity.
  • Inefficient access: If documents are stored in physical file cabinets or on individual computers, it can be difficult for employees to access the information they need in a timely manner.
  • Security risks: If documents are not properly secured, they may be vulnerable to unauthorised access or data breaches.
  • Version control issues: Without a system in place to track changes made to documents, it can be difficult to determine which version is the most up-to-date.
  • Limited collaboration: If multiple people need to work on the same document, it can be challenging to coordinate their efforts and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Physical storage space constraints: As the volume of documents grows, it can be difficult to find enough physical space to store them all, leading to clutter and inefficiency.

One way Konica Minolta helps businesses transform digitally is through its  cloud-based document management system – KOMI Doc Cloud Platform. It addresses all these inefficiencies and has the potential to revolutionise how your business operates. 

Enabling digital transformation with KOMI Doc 

The KOMI Doc Cloud Platform makes your workflow efficient and enables quick collaboration. It does this by transferring all your paper-based methods to an electronic system so that you can store, share and collaborate with ease. 

The KOMI Doc Cloud Platform has built-in sub-modules such as the KOMI IWS, KOMI Sync, KOMI Doc Office Manager, and KOMI Search, which individually help you manage your documents proficiently. The multiple advanced features allow you to store your data securely and become a more productive, nimble organisation. Here are some of the benefits of a document management system: 

1. Improve communication

KOMI Doc provides a central repository for all important documents and information. This allows employees to easily access and share relevant documents with their colleagues, rather than having to search through physical file cabinets or email attachments. Sharing information with external stakeholders like suppliers and clients is also now possible. Collaboration tools allow multiple people to edit and comment on documents in real time, promoting efficient and effective communication. Overall, a document management system like this one helps you streamline the flow of information within a company, leading to improved communication and productivity.

2. Easily retrieve documents 

The system is also built with a formidable search engine, so all you have to do is type in what you are searching for, and you can locate your documents instantly. With KOMI Doc’s mobile app, you can also access files and review tasks on the go through your mobile device. 

3. Increase efficiency with automated processes

KOMI Doc also helps organisations automate processes by providing tools that streamline and automate repetitive tasks. Instead of spending time on tedious tasks like manual filing and organisation, your employees can focus on more strategic, high-value tasks. KOMI Doc also allows you to build customised workflows using the in-built wizard and the drag-and-drop interface. The automatic routing feature allows you to send documents to the appropriate individuals or departments for review or approval or assign tasks to a specific user. 

4. Achieve greater control 

Companies can better track and manage the access and usage of their documents, ensuring that only authorised individuals have access to sensitive information. Additionally, KOMI Doc includes features such as version control and revision history, which allow organisations to track changes made to documents and ensure that everyone is working with the most up-to-date versions. A structured and secure system for managing documents helps organisations achieve more control over their important data.

Achieve digital transformation with Konica Minolta 

Thanks to Konica Minolta’s document management system, organisations in Singapore can bid farewell to cumbersome paper-based document management. As an industry leader in innovative digital workplace solutions, Konica Minolta aims to provide businesses with the tools they need to transform digitally. We are a one-stop IT solutions provider, offering other products and services along with document management systems, such as multifunction printers, and optimised print services to support your business’ growth. 

Speak with a product specialist to learn more about how our IT solutions can help your business stay competitive in this digital era.