Optimising Workflows with Document Digitisation Solutions

Singapore | 6 April 2021

Creating, editing, and sharing documents across multiple business functions can take a toll, even on your most organised employees.

Optimising Workflows with Document Digitisation Solutions

Creating, editing, and sharing documents across multiple business functions can take a toll, even on your most organised employees. From ensuring consent and managing expectations to sharing information, documentation will remain an integral part of every business.

Advancing into technological uses translates to the steady but persistent rise in document digitisation services. Routing and approval processes require efficient and secure pathways – a feature prevalent in an effective document management system.

Introducing KOMI Doc (1min 56 sec)

Documents on the Cloud

KOMI Doc helps businesses simplify workflows through document digitisation and efficient routing. Boasting multiple advanced features, the Cloud document management system transforms the way your business operates, giving it an edge over competitors.

By significantly reducing time and effort that goes into document management, businesses will be able to offer better customer service and seamless processes. Effective document management can demonstrate unrivalled advantages for a smoother, more cohesive business.

Digitising for efficiency

Document digitisation solutions such as KOMI Doc can help your business transition to electronic workflows – a necessary adaptation with increased remote work needs. KOMI Doc’s mobile app, for instance, allows employees to access documents anytime anywhere. Similarly, retrieving the most recent version of a document is no longer a roadblock.

Improving integrative capabilities

From communication to multi-tool accessibility, KOMI Doc is ready to deploy for effective document management and seamless workflows.

The Workflow Manager engine straightens out advanced document routing, bypassing common roadblocks in approvals that are apparent in collaborative work. Printing your documents is one step away, through smart integration with the multifunction printer (MFP) panel. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows for quick search and retrieve needs, making the process straightforward for all executives.

Enhancing confidentiality 

Security is one of the biggest challenges organisations are facing as the transition to all things digital garners speed. Although paper documentation is a thing of the past, some organisations upkeep a few of them for fears of digital privacy intrusions. Not only are they difficult to trace, they also take up a large amount of physical space.

The KOMI Doc document management platform comes with enhanced security features, including but not limited to encryption, digital watermarks, access control, and multi-factor authentication. Organisations can collaborate confidently, knowing preliminary structures are in place for added security.

Rethink Document Digitisation with Konica Minolta’s KOMI Doc

Streamlining processes for document control is key to seamless and efficient business workflows. Document control and collaboration are cornerstones of every business. No matter what line of work, the need for smarter document digitisation is prevalent. With Konica Minolta’s KOMI Doc platform, you’ll be able to hit the nail on a number of touchpoints – security, communication, and automation.

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