Reducing the Complexity of Logistics with Smart Monitoring

Singapore | 29 December 2021

Logistics and supply chain management form the backbone of how we transport goods, communicate, and connect with the world around us.

Reducing the Complexity of Logistics with Smart Monitoring

Logistics and supply chain management form the backbone of how we transport goods, communicate, and connect with the world around us. Yet anyone involved in the business is familiar with common challenges that can cause a trickle down effect leading to global delays and severe repercussions for stakeholders worldwide. Traditional supply chain systems frequently run into obstacles such as consolidating data and reports across various partners and providers, managing and maintaining various digital systems, and facing time sinks when checking for gaps in data. These issues can cost businesses both time and money, and can impact efficiency and efficacy of the supply chain.

Many enterprises have adopted Smart Monitoring to simplify and streamline the logistics management process. Konica Minolta’s Smart Monitoring solutions are built on image recognition and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you monitor, visualise, and configure workflow adjustments in an instant. With integrated IoT functionality, businesses can make use of autonomous systems to automatically adjust to minute changes in the operating environment and maximise efficiency within a dynamic workplace.

Features of Smart Monitoring solutions

Smart Monitoring solutions have various features that can help to streamline your logistics and supply chain management. These include:

  • High availability and continued access to data
  • Increased longevity of monitoring infrastructure
  • Reinforced system-wide security
  • Enhanced compliance and quality assurance

Konica Minolta Smart Monitoring solutions employ the latest in decentralised EDGE computing and IoT technology to ensure that your physical infrastructure and software are constantly able to gather, process, and analyse relevant data in tandem. This allows you to maintain cyber and physical security of your warehouse infrastructure, while staying compliant with Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDP-R), and US National Defense Authorisation Act (NDAA) for easier integration with worldwide regulations and requirements.

Benefits of Smart Monitoring solutions

  1. Improved employee and occupational safety

Intelligent Smart Monitoring solutions enable employees to do their job with more ease and less exposure to potential workplace hazards, such as in high-bay warehouses where workers would traditionally have to scale great heights in order to perform physical checks on incoming or outgoing logistics. By implementing Smart Monitoring solutions such as wireless IP cameras, it is possible to implement additional vantage points for sensitive or hard-to-reach areas in your warehouses without endangering workers or other personnel.

  1. Enhanced security and surveillance protocols

Smart Monitoring solutions can be adapted to your existing IT infrastructure without any additional peripherals or complicated programs. This enables operators to keep a closer look out for potential gaps or oversights that could affect the overall flow of logistics, minimising the time and money taken for storage and retrieval in case of errors.

Automated IoT networks and features such as thermal imaging and facial recognition also allow for remote or off-site deployment of personnel without sacrificing logistics security. Using features such as license plate monitoring, perimeter protection, and container recognition, Smart Monitoring solutions ensure only authorised personnel can enter or exit secure areas.

  1. Workplace-wide process optimisation

Various aspects of logistics management can be optimised through Smart Monitoring, from monitoring systems to safeguarding cold chains. Smart thermal imaging capabilities coupled with IoT sending ensure that cold storage is maintained at all times, and the slightest change in temperature can be instantly detected and alerted. This maximises the success of cold chain deliveries, particularly for sectors such as healthcare that rely on accurate cold storage throughout the supply chain.

Re-imagine logistics management with Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta’s Smart Monitoring solutions help businesses and workplaces simplify the complexities of international logistics and supply chain management. Get in touch with our product experts today to find out how our Smart Monitoring solutions can help streamline your workplace operations.