Reimagine Holiday Greeting Cards with Print Embellishments

Singapore | 30 May 2023

There is no doubt that times are challenging for the global greeting cards industry, especially with the dominance of digital communication over traditional paper means.

Elevate Holiday Greeting Cards with Value-Adding Print Embellishments

There is no doubt that times are challenging for the global greeting cards industry, especially with the dominance of digital communication over traditional paper means. However, many people — younger audiences, in particular — are seeking alternative methods of connecting with loved ones and sending holiday wishes across borders, leading to an unexpected revival of the humble greeting card. As such, printing companies are turning to new dimensions of print production to stand out from the sea of competitors.

Embellishments, such as foil stamping, spot varnish, and embossing, empower greeting card retailers companies to flex their creativity, transform traditions and produce unique offerings that engage customers in novel ways. Relying on print quality alone is no longer enough. Now, investing in texture printing not only serves as a value-adding business differentiator, but an innovative strategy to propel enterprises to the forefront of the industrial and card printing industry.

Advantages of Print Embellishments for Greeting Cards

  1. Enhance Perceived Value

A shiny foil-stamped finish, a smooth glossy coating. Such embellishments may seem unassuming, but they make a world of difference when placed side-by-side with regular 2D greeting cards. Customers are actually willing to fork out premiums of 24% to 89% for special effects over standard CMYK-only printing. Studies have also shown that consumers tend to perceive products with specialty printing to be of high quality, and thus, higher value.

The AccurioShine 101 from Konica Minolta is a reliable choice for printing enhancements that attract and engage customers. High-quality printing meets easy-to-use functionality, enabling on-demand short-run greeting card businesses to produce outstanding digital foil, lamination and spot gloss embellishments.

  1. Capture Attention Effectively

Stand before a shelf of greeting cards and you’ll be met with rows upon rows of cards for every holiday and occasion imaginable — a veritable visual overload. Nothing captures attention quite like print embellishments, whereby foil-enhanced products are 2.5 times more attractive than the same product without high-visibility enhancements. In addition, a study by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association showed that enhanced products were identified 45% faster and held shoppers’ attention 18% longer than standard print products.

Look no further than Konica Minolta’s MGI JETvarnish family of products for striking, eye-catching texture printing. The JETvarnish 3D One, JETvarnish 3D Evolution and JETvarnish 3DS are designed to help maximise profits using cutting-edge technologies to produce top-notch print enhancements without a hitch.

  1. Create Memorable Multisensory Experiences

Printing has advanced by leaps and bounds, where print providers are no longer limited to the bounds of 2D ink on paper. Texture printing opens new doors to offering unique 3D tactile experiences for customers. In the marketing world, haptics is considered a key aspect of consumer engagement. When customers can physically ‘feel’ raised textures on greeting cards, it elevates the sense of ownership they have for the product — which in turn, makes them more inclined to purchase it. In fact, research shows that tactile sensations can increase impulse purchases, making even the most simple of embellishments a critical factor in consumers selecting your greeting cards product over others.

The JETvarnish 3D family harnesses a revolutionary digital process that makes creating sculpted 3D raised embellishments on greeting cards a breeze. By delivering high-impact prints, this cost-effective solution unlocks opportunities for greater profits and business growth.

Redesign the Beauty of Greeting Cards with Texture Printing

Transform an ordinary greeting card into an extraordinary one with the power of embellishments. In an increasingly competitive marketplace with countless players vying for consumer attention, enhanced special effects can take your digital printing capabilities to new heights. Get in touch with our specialists today to learn more about how Konica Minolta’s printing solutions can help your business grow.