Rethink Efficiency and Streamline your Office Printing Experience

Singapore | 14 April 2021

For smaller businesses with conservative manpower, print volume is considerably lesser than their enterprise counterparts.

Small Form Factor, Robust Print Solution for Any Business Size

For smaller businesses with conservative manpower, print volume is considerably lesser than their enterprise counterparts. Yet, investing in a printer that delivers quality at an optimal speed and optimised cost is always necessary to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. Small and medium sized enterprises looking for a robust print solution can start with Konica Minolta’s multifunction printers that are equipped with the necessities, from colour printing and photocopying to secure document scanning. Find out how Konica Minolta’s A4 multifunction printers effectively tend to the needs of business owners.

Simplifying The Print Experience

A good office printer takes away the complexities on the user’s end so employees do not have to grapple with difficult print functions and delayed outputs, especially when there is no access to IT personnel. Easy-to-use touch screen panel design ensures enhanced operability – frequently used functions like photocopying, scan to email and USB direct print can be narrowed down to the home screen to minimise screen transitions. The bizhub C4050i/C3350i series of multifunction printers and their stellar 10.1 inch panel is perfect for employees who prefer a large and clear display, but the 7-inch touch screens of the bizhub C3320i and C4000i/C3300i printers are no less intuitive.

Topped with the wireless LAN connectivity, compatibility to Mac and Windows servers, and mobile print solutions, these multifunction printers ensure seamless operations throughout the day. In addition, with spatial constraints of more compact offices, the smaller build of these printers means there is plenty of space for unhindered movements and workspace setup.

Strengthening Confidentiality & Privacy

Smaller business owners with limited IT security proficiencies can still maintain confidentiality and privacy of office information with various document data security functions built into the office printer. On top of real-time virus scanning with Bitdefender as well as encrypted SSDs, Konica Minolta’s multifunction printers offer enhanced protection with user authentication processes. Take the bizhub C4050i/C3350i for instance. SMEs can implement one of the three options – main unit, non-contact IC card and biometric authentication – as they deem fit to their desired level of security.

For those requiring secure networks for both guest-only and company, the bizhub C4000i/C3300i is compatible with a VLAN function that securely divides the printer into multiple networks for secure printing within the office.

Optimising Resources

For any business, operational expenditures require constant streamlining to make effective use of resources. A good office printer that ensures minimal wastage is pertinent to this. The Toner Save function of the bizhub C3320i makes this possible. By reducing the amount of toners and auto-skipping of blank pages, the printer effectively reduces the usage of toner per print and prevents unnecessary wastage of paper, eventually lowering OPEX.

Rethinking Productive Offices With Konica Minolta

A multifunction printer, whether A3 or A4, is a critical aspect to creating productive workspaces – with Konica Minolta, SMEs in Singapore can reimagine on-ground operations and achieve efficiency levels necessary for continued growth. Speak to our specialists today for more information on how to move forward.

Alternatively, if your business needs a more robust solution, our simple guide on A3 multifunction printers will get you started.