Rethink the Factory of the Future with Digital Manufacturing

Singapore | 24 February 2021

Breaking barriers of manufacturing in recent years, the digital revolution has turned the world into a playing field where only the most digitally advanced businesses survive.

Bridging the Digital & Physical Worlds with Production Data

Breaking barriers of manufacturing in recent years, the digital revolution has turned the world into a playing field where only the most digitally advanced businesses survive. This has accelerated manufacturing reforms that change landscapes by transforming value chains based on data. However, despite the increasing evolution of consumer habits, expectations, and its resultant need to break the status quo of the traditional manufacturing chain, only few companies are tapping into the potential of generated data to value-add their organisation.

A Factory of the Future that embraces digital manufacturing to eliminate bottlenecks and optimise end-to-end manufacturing processes is a sure-fire way to stay on top of the game. Stipulated to increase 10% of production output and 12% in labour productivity, it may seem like we have reached the peak of overcoming digital technology limitations. However, conceptualised in 2002 and poised to revolutionise manufacturing, digital manufacturing, and conversely, digital twins, are predicted to generate an enormous monetary upside of $11.1 trillion by 2025 if implemented correctly – amplifying the potential for disruptive innovation.

Rethink Manufacturing: Accelerating Digital Transformation

By connecting the real-world production and machines through real-time data through sensors, cameras, and other nodes, this allows a digital representation of information of the manufacturing process. With this information, companies using digital manufacturing are better informed and can make timely decisions regarding the production lines. When a company has successfully implemented digital manufacturing in their factories, they may opt to eventually implement a digital twin, which is a dynamic business solution – a game changer in the fourth industrial revolution.

1. Operational Insight Business Solution

Manufacturing the highest quality product is always at the forefront of business objectives. Konica Minolta’s Digital Manufacturing Execution System allows tracking of end-to-end manufacturing from raw material sourcing to final product inventory. Coordinating and collaborating real-time data on factory floors with virtual elements into a single customisable dashboard significantly improves quality control, compliance, and auditing.

2. Achieve Better Yields with Industrial IoT

By understanding the instruments and machines that build products and how they influence design and quality, better manufacturing and services are facilitated by breaking traditional paradigms through proper infrastructure management. Our Smart Start Package features Industrial IoT machine gateways and strategy workshops that provide important insights on machine performance, supporting effective changes to factory floor operations.

3. Artificial Intelligence for Visual Quality Inspection

Defect detection can be a lengthy process, one that might not be free from error even if highly trained personnel are involved. By using Konica Minolta’s Visual Quality Inspection, it can detect product appearance defects by supervising a small amount of image data. The solution also detects defects more effectively than the human eye by using optimum camera and lighting systems. A unique AI trained to handle this monotonous yet critical task achieves higher level of accuracy and consistency than human inspection, allowing the inspector to be freed-up for more critical and complex tasks which AI is unable to handle.

The New Digital Age of Manufacturing

Konica Minolta is driving the future by offering services and products that allow businesses to move towards Industry 4.0. With our range of digital manufacturing solutions, we can aid your business with the digitisation of operations and processes, facilitating the seamless execution of a comprehensive digital manufacturing strategy. Contact us to digitise your manufacturing floor today!