Rethink Your Print Shop Workflow with AccurioPro Flux

Singapore | 22 March 2021

In an increasingly digital world propelled by technological advancement, print landscapes have changed dramatically.

Multiply Print Room Productivity with Workflow Automation

In an increasingly digital world propelled by technological advancement, print landscapes have changed dramatically. As a result, digital printing companies can no longer rely solely on a solid hardware infrastructure to compete in today’s modern economy. Beyond keeping up to date with the latest print production equipment, printers must also deliver with more optimised print production processes.

One key innovation that print companies have to consistently invest in and implement is print software. Available in various forms, such as prepress tools and production automation, print management software maximises the utility of digital printing presses and enhances overall print business success by multiplying print room productivity.

Managing Print Workflows with AccurioPro Flux

As competition amongst printers becomes increasingly fierce, automation is an imperative tool for print shops. Oftentimes, print operators have multiple print jobs sent in from different sources, some of which have incomplete or incorrect data. Due to such errors, operators have no choice but to delay processes by double-checking details and manually creating job tickets. Managing print infrastructure through such laborious methods not only leaves loopholes for human error but also increases turnaround time and printing costs – all of which will eventually affect professionalism and business efficiency. Therefore, to expand print services, retain customers, and deliver high-quality digital prints on-demand, managing print workflow with accuracy is pivotal.

Configured to fit your print workflow like a glove, the AccurioPro Flux by Konica Minolta is a professional make-ready software that positively influences profitability by making printers more scalable and productive. Aiming to streamline business processes, this prepress and print automation suite includes the FluxEssential, FluxPremium, and FluxUltimate modules. Providing an accessible control point, the AccurioPro Flux command console is the ultimate business solution that promises to manage your entire print workflow easily – from collecting data about every print job to editing, queue management, processing, and production, it enhances the flexibility of your print room.

AccurioPro Flux Essential: Flexibility in Prepress Workflows

Optimised for in-house print shops in need of an efficient pre-press process, the AccurioPro Flux Essential is armed with a predefined set of imposition schemes that rids printers the need to manually handle error-prone tasks.

In addition to offering prepress processes, centralised tasks, and control of all print production equipment, its wide range of intelligent print functions simplifies, automates, and meets the tightest delivery deadlines by tactfully and efficiently arranging your print production workflow so that jobs arrive print-ready.

AccurioPro Flux Premium: Greater Possibilities with Advanced Integration, Automation & Collaboration

An upgrade to the entry-level AccurioPro Flux Essential, the Premium version includes all essential functions featured in the aforementioned module, as well as a centralised server designed for greater collaboration. Hosting all print jobs on the Flux server, processing print jobs remotely or via multiple operator workstations is possible. Besides its maximum user convenience, its powerful server allows printers to receive print jobs, collaborate, and work simultaneously with operators within the print company’s network. Inform your collaborators about statuses, utilise stored data, and get a big picture of print volumes to maximise your return of investment.

An optional add-on for the AccurioPro Flux Premium, is the Flux Accounting Connector. Integrating external accounting solutions into existing print workflows, it also acts as a connector between disparate systems and applications such as the Pcounter printer management solution.

AccurioPro Flux Ultimate: Boost Overall Efficiency

When attempting to scale businesses to new heights, offering end users 24/7 online ordering and convenient services is advantageous. The Ultimate module includes web-to-print functionality, allowing customers to do just that. Integrating an online shop into its IT environment, print operators can preview print jobs, make payments, verify job status, and send automatic confirmation to clients, all via this workflow automation software. As a result of such automated processes and make-ready functionality, tasks are simplified while your printers are being use optimally and efficiently.

AccurioPro Flux is Compatible with a Wide Range of Printers

Beyond being optimised for output on Konica Minolta production machines such as AccurioPress C14000 series with IC-610, AccurioPrint C750i and the upcoming AccurioPress C4080 series, the AccurioPro Flux software solution also allows for the integration of 3rd party production printers through the use of controllers.

Reshape Your Digital Printing Business with Konica Minolta

With a centralised server controlling all print machines, print jobs inevitably become more efficient. Automate your print shop, improve printing speeds, reduce errors with AccurioPro Flux. Highly scalable to suit every user requirement, our suite of print management and automation software delivers greater convenience and higher productivity. For more information about our business digital solutionsget in touch with our experts.