Rising Demand for Label Sticker Printing In Asia

Singapore | 10 November 2022

Rising Demand for Label Sticker Printing In Asia

By taking a cursory look around your home or office, you’re bound to notice one or two label stickers that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Rising Demand for Label Sticker Printing In Asia

Labels are everywhere.

By taking a cursory look around your home or office, you’re bound to notice one or two label stickers that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Label stickers and packaging

Label stickers appear on packaging containing food, medicine and electronic gadgets. Labels contain such varied information as nutritional value, shipping information and recommended dosages, as well as bar codes and the price of whatever item they’re attached to. It’s no surprise then, that label sticker printing is a booming industry that is projected to grow at 4.2% globally from now to 2026.

Growth is expected to be especially strong in Asia, perhaps due to ballooning packaged drinks and food sales as well as rising e-commerce demand. From 2015 to 2020, for example, the market value of packaged drinks and food increased from 108 billion dollars to a whopping 164 billion dollars.

If you provide label sticker printing services, you may have noticed the increased demand from customers yourself.

Capturing the label sticker printing trend

Konica Minolta knows this.

As a global business company operating in more than 150 countries, Konica Minolta believes in constantly availing ourselves of business trends and trajectories, so we can help our customers capture them to grow their business. Earlier this year, Konica Minolta celebrated a major milestone with the 1,000th AccurioLabel press installation near Lyon, France. This came just two years after the installation of the 500th AccurioLabel press machine, which indicates that the market for label stickers continues to be red hot. Thanks to our customers who rely on our cutting-edge printing technology, Konica Minolta now has 33% of the market share for label printers worldwide. Already, the projected global market value for label printing is expected to reach $49.90 billion in 2024.

Digital label production is booming. To take advantage of that growth, enjoy digital’s new benefits and keep your analogue production equipment profitable while transitioning with Konica Minolta’s complementary approach to printing services.

Professionally printed labels are big business nowadays. Very big. Industries need to identify and differentiate their products and brands, custom labels can be used in exciting new ways, and the volume of printed square metres in the sector has nearly doubled in recent years. Even in this online era, label design plays a hugely important part in acceptance of a product. The label or sticker on a bottle or item of packaging reflects its brand’s message and identity.

Konica Minolta’s AccurioLabel 230

The AccurioLabel 230 is the successor of the award winning AccurioLabel 190, with over 500 installations worldwide, it is ideal for professional label print providers who at present have a need for short run label printing. The AccurioLabel will complement their current conventional machinery by allowing them the flexibility to accept short run jobs that are more profitable. Being able to handle almost all substrate types that are common with the label market, the AccurioLabel 230 is great value for money, easy to setup and simple to operate. It is also a great tool for commercial and digital printers to add a new dimension in to their existing business to tap a new market segment, especially for those who wants to shift volumes from conventional presses to digital, or are looking for a complementary solution to balance jobs from other digital presses. It is the answer to the reduction of run lengths, shorter delivery times, personalisation and versioning, and the production of on-demand print runs. The AccurioLabel 230 offers outstanding productivity, brilliant image quality and is simple to use, making it the perfect tool to diversify into new markets and use in conjunction with existing analogue machines.

AccurioLabel 230 has been built on the Konica Minolta highly acclaimed AccurioPress engine technology, well known for its exceptional print quality and substrate compatibility. It is targeted at small and mid-range segments and is suitable for label printers, print providers, brand owners, packaging companies and commercial printers.

Maintenance tasks on the AccurioLabel 230 are simple and can be easily performed in a very short space of time. Tasks that are time-consuming on analogue machines, such as colour adjustments, are quickly and easily performed on this digital press. Operation is intuitive by following on-screen instructions; no need for extensive user training and frees up the operator to perform other tasks.

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