The Future of Printing with bizhub i-Series

Singapore | 26 June 2022

In the current day and age, you may wonder if it’s relevant to have a printer in your office.

The Future of Printing: Are Office Printers Still Relevant For Day to Day Business Activities?

In the current day and age, you may wonder if it’s relevant to have a printer in your office. Especially if your business is transitioning towards going paperless, it’s even easier to disregard the importance of having a printer for your business use. Even in this digital age we are now living in, office printers are still essential to the daily functioning, success, and growth of your business.

Here are 3 reasons why printers are still relevant in the office for day-to-day business activities:

  1. Not every business is ready for a paperless future

Going paperless has many compelling benefits going for it — not only is it good for the environment and sustainable efforts, it’s also a useful way to store official documents on your online server or cloud storage. Digital documents also make sharing and editing documents and paper a breeze without having to manually scan or copy them.

However, operating fully paperless may not be realistically possible for your business. While you may be working towards going paperless, other businesses you work with or even your customers may not have gone digital yet. In these situations, the only option is to communicate and correspond through hard copies with these key stakeholders.

Your business can find itself in this situation more often than you initially thought. For example, your B2B business provides invoices to receive payment for products purchased by your clients. Since you are going paperless, you do this through online PDF invoices. You may have clients who are not operating digitally may still need a hard copy invoice in order to process payment. This creates inconvenience for both you and your client to make and receive payment.

You’d want your clients to feel included and that they can easily conduct business with communication options that work for them as well. This is where office printers come in handy — to give your clients the choice to opt for physical invoices if that suits their own business operations.

With Konica Minolta’s office printer solutions, you can increase your potential outreach of clients and customers. When you have both digital and physical communication and correspondence options, you’re no longer limiting the reach of your business.

  1. Steer past technological issues

Digitalisation of your business is advantageous, but it also comes with the downside of technological issues that can’t always be avoided or prevented. At times, computers crash and become inaccessible for a period of time or your company’s data or documents may be permanently lost or erased. This can cause a host of issues and prolong completion of your business activities or projects.

While you don’t have to keep hard copies of every single official business document, it is good practice to have hard copies of crucial company data and documents. Use office printers to print and physically maintain documents record of these important data, such as company policies, employee information and accounting documents, so you have digital access as well as physical backup copies in case technological issues crop up.

  1. Consider the working needs of your employees or colleagues

Regardless of the number of employees or colleagues a business has, we all have different working styles. Some may prefer to work on a physical document or find it easier to markup, highlight, add handwritten notes or even create their own document filing system. Internal and external meetings are also elevated when you can provide a physical deck of pertinent reference documents alongside your digital presentation.

Facilitating the working needs of employees or colleagues with an office copy machine can drive up work productivity, while also taking their welfare into consideration and contributes to a better working environment and employee experience within your business.

Konica Minolta has your office printer business needs covered

Printers still have a place and are impactful in offices, especially for day to day business functionalities and for business growth. Depending on the size and operational needs of your business, consider Konica Minolta’s office printer business solutions in Singapore like smaller-sized printers or printers with additional functions.

With an extensive range of photocopier machines in Singapore, Konica Minolta can help meet your business needs. Continue going digital with our multifunctional office copier like the bizhub C360i series that can be connected to a Wi-Fi network and allows for direct printing even from mobile devices. For smaller businesses that require high-quality colour printing and fast copying and scanning, the bizhub C4050i / C3350i is a compact yet powerful choice.

Get in touch with us to know more about our office printer solutions to meet the continuing demands of your business printing needs.