The Intelligent Connected Workplace

Singapore | 13 June 2021

If there’s one thing we can safely say about the future of work, it’s that we are going through a significant period of change.

The Future of Work

If there’s one thing we can safely say about the future of work, it’s that we are going through a significant period of change. With technological, social, environmental and generational shifts impacting our priorities, work can no longer be defined as a physical space we go to, and neither does it relate to a set schedule of ‘on’ hours each day, rather, an outcome-based approach to how work truly is.

With hybrid working looking like the model many businesses will follow from 2021 and beyond, businesses will need to look more closely at components such as people (workers), spaces (the physical spaces they work in, which can be many) and technology (from hardware to software). But not only will it require identifying these components, it will be essential to seamlessly integrate them. By connecting them effectively, we can create the ‘Intelligent Connected Workplace.’


Rethink 9 – 5 with Intelligent Connected Workplace (2 min 5 sec)


What is the Intelligent Connected Workplace?

The Intelligent Connected Workplace is a dynamic and digitally transformed work model. We believe that by connecting disparate data points, you can enable smarter ways of working and better corporate insights, ultimately driving digital transformation. Doing so then places the emphasis on finding services that are built around you and how you work; putting you in control of your IT to be more intelligent, efficient, productive and secure. As such, when we talk about the Intelligent Connected Workplace, we’re offering you a future. And getting there is achieved via an integrated portfolio of customizable services.

An integrated portfolio

Our portfolio of hardware and solutions are designed to integrate solutions across the entire workplace ecosystem. Partnering with businesses of all sizes, this 360-degree approach is built from a combination of our global expertise paired with our local market knowledge. This enables us to build solutions that scale around differing organizational needs.

How can your organisation benefit from an Intelligent Connected Workplace?

  1. Intelligence: Utilize the power of data collected by the organization to improve decision making.
  2. Collaboration: Digitized workflows, cloud and collaboration tools lead to better working relationships from greater efficiency and communications.
  3. Security: Business operations always remain compliant and active, and important company data is less vulnerable to external threats.
  4. Resiliency: Operations remain active, with less downtime and inconvenience that could lead to a drop in productivity.
  5. Flexibility: Operations scale to suit different requirements, meeting changing demands with agility and purpose.
  6. Mobility: Fluid workstyles allow employees to access data and continue working securely from anywhere at any time.
  7. Productivity: Output increases from being able to work wherever employees are based in a more fluid and efficient manner.
  8. Sustainability: Increased efficiency by reducing an organization’s physical footprint and wastage.
  9. Efficiency: Leaner work processes improve profitability and eliminate the need for capital expenditures.

Rethink the Future

At Konica Minolta, the breadth of our solutions, services and offerings gives us a unique ability to solve the problems of our customers’ businesses. By working with you, we can successfully put you on the right path to digitally transform your organization, as well as help you navigate the future wave of change.  In short, our role is to be an indispensable partner to help businesses work towards, and realize the benefits of, an intelligent connected workplace.

Let us help you achieve digital transformation. Get in touch with us today.