Versatility in Digital Colour Printing with AccurioPress C4080 Series

Singapore | 3 April 2021

Once a niche application, digital printing is far from the exotic technology it used to be.

Maximizing Digital Printer Uptime with Advanced Automation

Once a niche application, digital printing is far from the exotic technology it used to be. Now a mainstream tool to leverage, the use of digital printers has become an accepted standard amongst printing companies. With the development of new technologies, digital printing is a class above screen printing process.

Requiring far less pre-press artwork and a low-cost setup, digital printing has plus points, including the accurate transfer of photographic images, customizability, and quick turnaround time. However, there are limitations to its print durability as well — colour vibrancy, and ability to be calibrated to varying sets of materials and paper weights, amongst others.

In the world of printing production, commercial printers must look to invest in digital printing equipment that not only fills these gaps but also supplements their shift towards ever-more digitisation and print automation to maximise its uptime.

Rethink Versatility of Digital Printing with AccurioPress C4080 Series

As print companies gear towards print shop workflow automation, enhanced efficiency, added value solutions, faster turnaround times, colour measurement, premiumisation, reduced resource wastage, and maximised uptime, new press technology that addresses the aforementioned will inevitably optimise the production process. But with the digital printing landscape changing constantly, finding a single press that is configured to meet every customers’ need becomes a challenge. As such, an agile production colour press that is fully compatible with existing print workflows and is a manufacturing powerhouse of its own accord becomes a valuable asset for business growth.

Known as the changemaker series, the AccurioPress C4080 series by Konica Minolta, is an all-in-one print manufacturing powerhouse. Designed to enable print businesses to expand into new markets and develop additional revenue streams, this agile colour digital production press has functions and features that are second to none.

Offering exceptional quality for every print, the successor of the AccurioPress C3080 series takes things up a notch by delivering a variety of print applications and outputs of the highest calibre and reliability. Combining the same headline speeds and performance of its predecessor with outstanding quality, flexibility, and productivity boosts, the AccurioPress C4080 series and its stream of additional features facilitates optimal acclimatisation to the changing print market.

1. Advanced Real-Time Automation

Bringing automation to new heights, print companies can experience unmatched productivity and versatility with the full-line of in-built finishing options and external media detection sensors. Providing added value are its new highly configurable accessories – the TU-510 Inline Trimmer Unit and IM-101 Intelligent Media Sensor.

The world’s first inline cutting finisher, the TU-510, is a four-edge trimmer and creaser that produces perforated output inline in one run. Automating fully trimmed and full-bleed outputs such as brochures, flyers, business cards, and more, the new optional media sensor works to guarantee a worry-free operation by enabling comprehensive media processing from the get-go.


2. Top-Notch Consistency & Registration Accuracy

A proprietary closed-loop quality control system, the IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer constantly monitors and makes on-the-fly registration adjustments prior to printing. The key to producing print quality demanded by customers while minimizing operator time and print wastage, the IQ-501 makes sure that print quality is automatically set for unmatched consistency and accuracy.


3. Add-On State-of-the-Art Print Servers

When rethinking user experience, productivity tools for print production is pivotal. The Konica Minolta’s Image Controller IC-609, the Fiery External Controller IC-317, and Embedded Controller IC-419 make print production more intelligent by streamlining job layouts and workflows – an ideal business solution for every print facility.


Ignite Print Possibilities with Konica Minolta

Providing the highest degree of automation and quality output, the AccurioPress C4080 series is undoubtedly a lucrative investment for the future of every print service provider. Make certain that only impeccable prints leave your shop and have colour quality issues be a thing of the past with this single press.

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