AccurioLabel 230

Achieve Profitable Label Production in Small Batches A Perfect Fit for Business Expansion

  • A digital label printing system that offers enhanced productivity, job flexibility, operability and excellent image quality at an affordable cost.
  • A “Perfect Fit” for business expansion and allows parallel use with existing analogue presses seamlessly.


Konica Minolta’s AccurioLabel 230


Here are the key business ‘pain points’ identified for label converters are:

  1. long lead times and
  2. finding qualified press operators.

If you’re looking for a one-stop machine to resolve both ‘growing pains’ at once, moving your business seamlessly from conventional methods to digital label production, opening up to a vast new digital markets. Produce small batches of high-quality labels and stickers at a speed and flexibility that your customers will talk about, the AccurioLabel 230 is the digital press machine for you.



Multi-Gradation Data Processing at a High Resolution
High resolution 3,600 (equivalent) × 1,200dpi × 8bits

Enhanced Productivity
Print speed up to 23.4m/min, faster turnaround time and helps to expand the printing business

Improved overall Productivity
Short warm-up time from job to next job is minimised by no turning off of fusing unit.

Extended Run Length
Long continuous printing up to 1,000m

Over Printing Capability with Accurate Registration
With Overprinting Kit, AccurioLabel 230 has the ability to over print on pre-printed media with accurate registration that is realised by newly adopted eye mark sensor

Wider Print Application
Wide media compatibility without pre-treatment. AccurioLabel 230 is compatible with a wide range of media including not only ordinary and matte paper, but also glossy paper, tack paper and film essential for label production


Facts & Figures

Label Printing is expected to $49.90 billion by 2024

ASIA is the largest geographic market for label printing, accounting to 35% of label print market


HDP 330 Option

Introducing the All-in-One In-line Label Printer with HDP330



What are the benefits from HDP330?

Boost Business Expansion
Extend the range of print applications by adding the Flexo Printing Unit (white and varnish). Pre-print white (or any other Flexo ink) which can be overprinted with CMYK in one single pass, using our eye mark sensor. Post-print varnish can be added to enhance the look or to protect the printed copy.


Improve Efficiency
The in-line Laminator unit provide overlay of film to protect CMYK print, and Slitter unit can cut roll to different sizes for compatibility with owned post-processing machine which in turn save on operation time.


Excellent Image Quality
Producing quality print image, the Web Cleaner unit comes with adhesive tape rolls that remove dust from both sides of the substrate. This helps to reduce printing wastage and inspection time.


Ease of Use
Equipped with semi-automatic media lifter on Unwinder unit, there is no need to lift and load heavy substrates into the Unwinder which greatly reduces workload for substrate replacement. It comes with a Web Guide function for better operation of the machine.


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