AccurioPress C7100 / C7090


  • More profitable business through a press that works smarter not harder.
  • Make a powerful impression with the all new AccurioPress C7100 Series.


Discover Agility that Creates Opportunity


More profitable business through a press that works smarter not harder – this was key in the development of AccurioPress C7100 and AccurioPress C7090. With a focus on optimizing performance, offering new and advanced print products, and growing the entire business. With the AccurioPress C7100 series, you serve more customers and complete more jobs with innovative technologies that power your success.



Intelligent Automation

By instantly detecting the precise stock you’re using, the optional Intelligent Media Sensor IM-101 significantly reduces production time. At the same time, the optional IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer ensures perfectly consistent colour quality and front-to-back registration on every print in real time. And as there’s no recalibrations or inspections mid-run, you’ll benefit from improved productivity as well.

Enhanced Finishing

The optional in-line TU-510 4-edge trimming unit cuts, creases and perforates to produce stunning full-bleed trimmed book jackets, imposed cards, business cards, coupons and more. Removing the need for off-line finishing means fewer operator touchpoints for faster and more efficient print runs.

Flawless Quality

Our latest Simitri V toner is eco-friendly and formulated for performance. Fast melting, energy efficient and low maintenance, it reproduces superb quality on a wider range of media up to 400 g/m2. Combined with an output resolution of 3,600 dpi equivalent x 2,400 dpi, you will get outstanding results even from the fastest, longest print runs.

Advanced Capabilities

With auto-duplex banners up to 900mm and the flexibility to handle embossed and textured media, its handling so simple that one operator can run even the most complex projects. So, why not say yes right now to more opportunities that will grow your business!

Exceptional Durability

Reliability drives profitability. Among the new technologies built into the engine are a more durable lubricated drum, double corona wires with automatic cleaning, an optimized paper transport solution, and a double swing registration system for improved paper compatibility and feeding accuracy.

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Download Brochure