Harnessing High Chroma Colour through Optimised Workflow for Expressprint

Harnessing High Chroma Colour through Optimised Workflow for Expressprint

Harnessing High Chroma Colour through Optimised Workflow for Expressprint

Discover how Expressprint optimised workflow productivity, as well as print and output quality, with Konica Minolta’s high chroma colour printing technology.


Customer Success Story: Express Print & Design Pte Ltd

Express Print & Design Pte Ltd stands at the forefront of the commercial printing sector in Singapore, serving both corporate clients and individual consumers. Established in 2005, the company once boasted 14 physical locations at its peak. However, their evolution has been remarkable, transitioning entirely to an online platform by 2018.
This transformation was facilitated by their proprietary PriceCal software, a web-to-order solution simplifying price calculations for online print sales. The seamless functionality of the PriceCal software has led to a positive predicament for Expressprint. They are experiencing a notable and consistent rise in demand for specialized printing services such as books and variable data print. However, these orders typically entail smaller quantities, which may not be optimally cost-effective for their current production setup.
This success story aims to showcase how Konica Minolta's cutting-edge printing solutions have transformed Expressprint's operations by enhancing production efficiency, particularly in accommodating to on demand print requests, propelling productivity to unprecedented levels while elevating print quality to new standards.

The Challenge: Elevating Printing Productivity and Colour Precision

Express Print & Design Pte Ltd encountered significant obstacles in meeting the demands of their burgeoning e-commerce portal, exacerbated by customers' increasing expectations for swift turnaround times. This resulted in processing delays and compromised collateral quality, posing a threat to their customer satisfaction and competitive position.
Confronting Workflow Inefficiencies and Volume Limitations: With an increase in demand and orders, Expressprint soon experienced a bottleneck in their processes, and workflow inefficiencies became apparent. Compounded by manual imposition processes, this led to prolonged prepress preparation and inaccuracies in print production. Expressprint found it challenging to keep pace with the escalating volume of booklet printing requests, hampering their ability to deliver on time and maintain quality standards consistently.
The Quest for Vivid Colour Printing Excellence: Expressprint recognised the need to enhance their colour printing capabilities to overcome the dull print colours that persisted when producing marketing collaterals. With customers seeking vibrant and precisely rendered colours, Expressprint aimed to elevate their printing standards to match or exceed industry benchmarks, ensuring they maintain a competitive edge in the market.
Addressing the Skill Gap in Printing Operators: Expressprint’s lean staffing meant they had a lack of highly skilled operators, impacting their ability to achieve vivid colour printing excellence. Without proficient personnel, maintaining colour precision and consistency became a challenge, hindering their efforts to meet customer expectations and industry standards.

Solutions: Optimising Print Workflows and High Chroma Colour Printing

Express Print & Design Pte Ltd embarked on a journey to address their pressing challenges after encountering Konica Minolta's innovative solutions at the KL Print Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. Recognising the potential of Konica Minolta's offerings, they reached out to request a demo session, seeking solutions to enhance their print workflows and achieve superior colour printing capabilities.
AccurioPress C83hc: Mastering High Chroma Colour Printing: Konica Minolta introduced Expressprint to the AccurioPress C83hc, a game-changer in the realm of high chroma colour printing. With its unique ability to extend beyond standard CMYK and reproduce colours within the RGB spectrum, this machine offered Expressprint the capacity to deliver vivid, true-to-life colours, elevating their gamut print quality to new heights of excellence.
AccurioPro Flux: Streamlining for Optimal Printing Productivity: To further increase productivity and streamline their printing processes, Expressprint adopted Konica Minolta's AccurioPro Flux solution. This software facilitated seamless workflow management, providing operators with user-friendly tools to handle print jobs from start to finish efficiently. With enhanced flexibility and efficiency, Expressprint was empowered to meet customer demands with precision and reliability.

Results: Enhanced Printing Productivity and Wide Colour Gamut Printing

The integration of the AccurioPress C83hc and AccurioPro Flux brought about transformative results for Express Print & Design Pte Ltd, revolutionising their printing processes and expanding their colour capabilities.
Metrics of Success: A 300% Boost in Printing Productivity: Expressprint experienced a remarkable surge in productivity, with digital print output increasing by an astounding 300%. This substantial improvement streamlined their workflow, allowing for faster turnaround times and more efficient handling of print jobs.
Financial Upswing: Revenue Growth by 80%: The adoption of Konica Minolta's solutions translated into tangible financial gains for Expressprint, as evidenced by an impressive 80% increase in revenue. This significant uptick in profitability can be attributed to higher operational efficiency, expanded product offerings, and enhanced customer satisfaction.
Expanding Horizons with Wide Colour Gamut Printing: With the wide colour gamut capabilities of the AccurioPress C83hc, Expressprint now boasts an extended range of colour options, enabling them to cater to diverse customer preferences and demands. This enhancement broadens their market appeal and solidifies their position as a provider of high-quality printing services.
Ease of Use for Smoother Operations: Expressprint benefited from user-friendly technologies introduced by Konica Minolta, facilitating seamless operations and maximising the potential of their printing machines. With intuitive interfaces and simplified prepress functions, operators were able to navigate tasks with efficiency, ensuring smooth workflow and optimal utilisation of resources for an overall increased productivity.
Market Impact: Satisfying Demand with Quality and Speed: Expressprint's ability to deliver superior print quality and meet customer expectations for prompt service has had a profound impact on the services offered to clients and customers. By enhancing both quality and speed, they have bolstered customer satisfaction levels, attracting new clientele and strengthening relationships with existing customers.

Beyond the Machine: The Value of Support and Strategic Partnership

The collaboration between Express Print & Design Pte Ltd and Konica Minolta extends beyond the implementation of cutting-edge machinery. It encompasses a strategic partnership aimed at delivering ongoing support and fostering mutual growth and success.
After-Sales Support: Ensuring Continuous Excellence: Konica Minolta's commitment to customer satisfaction is exemplified through their reliable after-sales support. With dedicated service and maintenance offerings, they ensure that Expressprint's operations remain uninterrupted, maintaining a standard of excellence in print production.
Strengthening Bonds: The Konica Minolta and Expressprint Partnership: The successful collaboration between Konica Minolta and Expressprint serves as a cornerstone of success for both entities. Through collaborative efforts and mutual trust, they continue to navigate challenges, drive innovation, and achieve shared goals, setting the stage for sustained growth and prosperity.

Optimising Printing Workflow with Konica Minolta

Express Print & Design Pte Ltd's journey with Konica Minolta underscores the transformative potential of strategic partnerships in the printing industry. Through the adoption of innovative solutions such as the AccurioPress C83hc and AccurioPro Flux, Expressprint witnessed remarkable improvements in productivity, print quality, and revenue growth.
For businesses seeking to enhance their printing operations and achieve greater success, Konica Minolta stands as a trusted partner. With a commitment to operational excellence, increased productivity, and financial savings, Konica Minolta's business solutions empower businesses to reach new heights of efficiency and profitability.
Discover how Konica Minolta can revolutionise your printing workflow and drive your business towards success.

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