Customer Success Story: SEMCO Design Communications Pte Ltd

Customer Success Story: SEMCO Design Communications Pte Ltd

Customer Success Story: SEMCO Design Communications Pte Ltd

SEMCO Design Communications Pte Ltd, founded in 1994, is a trusted provider of a wide range of services encompassing commercial art, graphic design, printing, and finishing solutions. Their commitment to delivering high-quality services has made them a preferred choice for a diverse clientele, including advertising agencies, publishers, and businesses in various sectors. SEMCO's core offerings include commercial art, graphic design, and print and finishing services.

Why Did SEMCO Decide To Work With Konica Minolta

SEMCO Design Communications faced a critical juncture when their digital production printer's lease was approaching expiration. To maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market, an upgrade was imperative. The ageing condition of their existing production printer resulted in underwhelming performance, making it challenging to meet the escalating customer demands.

In today's business landscape, customers expect quick turnaround times for their printing projects to align with fast-paced marketing strategies. A study by Jay Baer, a customer experience and marketing expert , illustrates this point as it found that ⅔ of customers said that speed is as important as price. Additionally, brand owners place a premium on high-quality print materials that accurately represent their brands. 

It was in this context that SEMCO first encountered Konica Minolta at a local print show in Malaysia in 2018.Konica Minolta's sales team impressed SEMCO with their friendly and communicative approach. This positive interaction laid the foundation for a future partnership. When SEMCO decided to upgrade their production printer, the positive experience with Konica Minolta came to mind as the Konica Minolta team proactively invested time to understand SEMCO's pain points and overall business plan.

Furthermore, Konica Minolta went the extra mile by arranging an onsite visit for SEMCO to witness firsthand how the recommended production printer could seamlessly integrate into their operations and deliver desired results. This practical demonstration, coupled with Konica Minolta's expertise and commitment to aligning solutions with SEMCO's business objectives, instilled confidence in the decision to choose Konica Minolta as their upgrade partner.

How Konica Minolta Assisted SEMCO In Their Business Operations

Noting the impact of Konica Minolta’s production printing solutions on SEMCO’s business operations, their owner, Mr Samuel Wong, explained, “The integration of the AccurioPress C12000 with the IQ-501 automation tool was transformative. It significantly increased productivity while ensuring exceptional print quality that met the exacting demands of SEMCO's clients.This heightened operational efficiency in managing larger print volumes, reduced errors and the need for human intervention.”

Impressed by the use of digital solutions and services to complement the AccurioPress C12000, he added, “Moreover, the AccurioPro Flux solution streamlined prepress workflows, minimising time spent on manual tasks. Consequently, SEMCO achieved higher customer satisfaction and enhanced customer loyalty.”


Benefits Of Working With Konica Minolta

According to Mr Wong, this partnership with Konica Minolta yielded several tangible benefits for SEMCO such as:

Improved Turnaround Times: The adoption of the AccurioPress C12000 led to a remarkable 50% reduction in turnaround time, enabling SEMCO to meet urgent customer needs promptly while maintaining print quality. This enhanced responsiveness bolstered customer relationships and overall satisfaction.

Enhanced Efficiency: The advanced automation capabilities of the AccurioPress C12000 optimised workflow and resource allocation, enabling SEMCO to handle a higher volume of print jobs efficiently. This newfound operational efficiency instilled confidence in them to pursue new opportunities and expand their business operations.

Consistent Print Quality: With the AccurioPress C12000, SEMCO can now ensure consistent and exceptional print quality, solidifying their reputation as a provider of high-quality prints. This consistency helped them to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Cost Savings: The AccurioPress C12000's advanced automation features, including intelligent colour management and automated calibration, minimised waste and reduced the need for reprints. This translated into cost savings for SEMCO and increased profitability.


Elevating Business With Konica Minolta

Ultimately, SEMCO' success story with Konica Minolta underscores the transformative impact of choosing the right partner for your printing and production needs. By upgrading to the AccurioPress C12000 and leveraging Konica Minolta's expertise, SEMCO achieved remarkable improvements in efficiency, print quality, and customer satisfaction.

Businesses seeking operational excellence, enhanced productivity, and cost savings should consider Konica Minolta as their trusted partner. Together, we can elevate your business operations to new heights.

Explore how Konica Minolta can empower your business for success. Contact us today to learn more about our business solutions.