3 Ways To Make Festive Celebrations Smarter With Technology

Singapore | 19 January 2021

Jumping on the festive bandwagon for branding is not uncommon for businesses across industries.

3 Ways To Make Festive Celebrations Smarter With Technology

Jumping on the festive bandwagon for branding is not uncommon for businesses across industries. With seasonal marketing campaigns that run the gamut from online to print, we take a look at the opportunities available for businesses to perform. What more can they provide their customers in store? How can they stand out from a saturated market of festive messaging? What’s the secret to achieving returns in a cost-effective way?

These boil down to strategy, one that leverages the technologies of today. With digital printing at its peak, how can businesses convert such capabilities into revenue-generating campaigns?

Visual & Tactile Interactions of Festive Products

Embellishment plays a critical role in product differentiation among consumers. Customers are more likely to identify a packaging with a unique print and deliver higher retention rates than standard packaging. Packages with hot foil stamping, for example, record over 20% longer fixation duration. Together with digital embossing, such embellishments can be made possible with Konica Minolta’s MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution and JETvarnish 3DS. The industrial printers can produce packaging that facilitates visual and tactile interactions favourable to festive marketing strategies. The MGI JETvarnish 3D One is perfect for producing enhanced festive packaging with digital emboss finishing – its all-purpose patented varnish formula makes possible both flat 2D UV spot highlighting and the raised special effects of sculptured 3D products, delivering remarkable and eye-catching results in a single-pass print.

Businesses can cost-effectively ride on seasonal themes by redesigning their product packaging with embellishments and other forms of textured prints in ways that offer customers a unique and unforgettable brand experience. These can be, for instance, a strategy of brand recall for emotive messaging that is being pushed out through other ongoing festive brand advertising campaigns. This not only strengthens the pool of loyal customers but also offers businesses a smarter strategy to elevate brand positioning among potential consumers through product premiumisation.

Customised Messaging For Emotive Connections

On top of embellishments which are pertinent to the visceral and subconscious minds of consumers, businesses can consider producing customised products for their target markets. Personalised greetings are effective strategies, made possible with variable data printing that can allow easy customisation of header information, text and images across products.

Coca Cola’s Share a Coke campaign personifies this well. First launched in Australia in 2011, the brand released cans and bottles with printed labels of 250 most popular names in the country. The aim was to create a more personalised relationship with consumers which allowed the brand to engage them more effectively. The whopping success in Australia (2.5% increase in sales with 7% more consumption rate in less than a year) led Coca Cola to roll out the campaign in 80 countries. Taking this further, some countries like New Zealand offer consumers a chance to personalise these bottles by submitting their names via online form. By printing personalised labels for consumers, Coca Cola takes premiumisation to a whole new level, and businesses can leverage such festive marketing gimmicks with the help of cost-effective print technology that make this possible.

The AccurioLabel 230 delivers such personalisation projects exceptionally well. By creating variants in product labellings, businesses can connect with different segments of their target markets with emotive messaging that are more tailored and personal. This draws higher levels of attention and retention in a marketplace crowded with standardised festive branded messages. Not only do such premium packages drive personal consumption but they also encourage gift purchases.

Delivering on Demand

While seasonal packaging and labelling is important, businesses must be cautious of overstocking festive designs. Should there be excess stock, businesses may find it hard to sell products with packaging that are no longer seasonally relevant. With the capabilities of digital printing equipment that allows both small and large runs, businesses can produce a conservative number of packaging and labels to test in the market, and only deliver thereafter according to demand.

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