Adapting to Changing Print Landscapes with Special Effects

Singapore | 24 March 2021

With evolving business needs, the print landscape inevitably morphs with newer demands.

Adapting to Changing Print Landscapes with Special Effects

With evolving business needs, the print landscape inevitably morphs with newer demands. Although digital printing has enabled the delivery of CMYK print on demand services, it is now the status quo, with a whopping 1.8 trillion print-enhanced colour pages being produced annually[1]. Desperate to stand out in the marketplace, businesses are seeking out print solutions with more diverse features and flexibility at affordable price points. As such, the case to go beyond the CMYK digital print experience and adopt catalysts of increased profit margins, like digital enhancements, is an investment well worth making.


Rethink Value-Added Printing

It is estimated that with the existing cutting edge digital capabilities, approximately 30% of offset coloured CMYK prints have some type of enhancement[2]. The remaining 70% are missing out on a massive growth opportunity, especially since print service providers have stated the willingness of customers to pay a premium of almost 89% over CMYK[3]. Understanding that potential profit margins on digital print enhancements can reach as high as 400%[4], Konica Minolta’s AccurioShine 101 is an entry-level digital printing equipment catered to customers who have a short run need for digital embellishment at a lower cost. Despite being a desktop multi-purpose embellishment solution, the AcccurioShine 101 brings conventional CMYK prints to the next level efficiently.


The Finishing Touch

The AccurioShine 101 is multi-purpose, offering digital foiling in a full spectrum of colours, lamination, spot gloss highlights, and dry coating abilities, all within its compact design. Used in conjunction with the ever-expanding suite of Accurio Presses, AccurioShine 101 delivers a stream of applications, such as business cards, invitations, direct mails, labels, packages, and more. As such, creating print products that attract and engage customers in-house is made easy with both digital printing and embellishment solutions.

Given that 78% of business card recipients find coloured ones more memorable[5], and additional features such as foiling and lamination only elevating its appeal, this print embellishment solution provides a platform to produce high-value prints. Allowing overprinting on foil with excellent adhesion accuracy, the specialised embellishment finishing effects of the AccurioShine 101 turns ordinary prints of other production print devices into those that command a high premium.


Making it Shine with AccurioShine 101

Aiming to add value to printed sheets and produce eye-grabbing prints, the user-friendly technology of AccurioShine 101 expands your customers’ printing options. For more dynamic business solutions that support high-quality embellishments at low prices, schedule a consultation with our experts.



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